Sage 50 Accounting

The era of doing accounting jobs manually is phasing out globally. Don’t remain the analog accountant, be relevant join this training to improve your digital skills. Don’t wait till you are face to face with the interviewer before you realize the importance of computerized accounting. The opportunity is here!
Course Content:

* Create New Company & Ledgers
Create a new company
Set up chats of Accounts
Modify chats of Accounts
Set up General Ledgers

* Account Payables
Set up Vendors
Set up suppliers information
Post Vendors Prepayments
Post-purchase orders
Post purchases
Receive inventory
Post cheques
Post payments vouchers

*Accounts Receivables
Set up customers information
Post-sales orders
Post-sales invoice
Post discounts
Post customers cash receipts
Post customers prepayments
Close prepaid invoices and receipts
Post customers cheques

Inventory and item set up
Inventory basic steps
Setting up inventory
Cost price and selling price
Setting up multiple selling prices
Inventory classification
Setting up unit measurement
Setting up the re-order level

* Postings
Post petty cash expenses
Post prepayments
Post cash sales
Post credit sales
Post receiving bills
Post paying bills
Post credit purchases

*General Ledgers
Cash lodgement
Post of bank tellers and deposits
Posting cash transfers
Petty cash reimbursement

* Liabilities
Post vat
Post company income tax
Post bank loans
Individual loans

* Report Generation
Management account reports
General ledgers reports
Account payables report
Account receivables report
Inventory report
Trial balance
Profit and loss account
Statement of financial position
Statement of cash flow
Report analysis etc

Course Fee: #25,000
Venue: Vantage Hub
5th Floor, Mosesola House, 103 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.
Not in Lagos/Nigeria?
Live online register here
Date:16/09/19 to 20/09/19 (weekdays)
14th & 15th, 21st & 22 September (weekends)



Mr. Chinedu Christopher Daniel is a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), the founder of Credence Business Academy Ltd among, Credence Professionals, cofounder of Rubeisi’s Beauty House (RBH) and many more. He has over 15 years of experience across many industries.




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