Credence Business

Our students opinion matters to us at Credence and we will like to know the extent of satisfaction derived from your current course of study

  • Which of the study methods are you using currently? OnlineClassroomDistance Learning
  • How much value do you place on such method in terms of syllabus coverage
  • How well does the lecturer impact the knowledge of your current course?
  • How exam focused is the Lecturer in terms of past question treatment and analysis?
  • Would you continue your studies in Credence if he/she is the only lecturer we have?
  • How likely will you recommend Credence to colleagues, friends and family?
  • Have you recommended Credence to any on in the past one month?
  • In your opinion, how well organized is our website, compared to other tuition centers
  • How often do you visit our website
  • What where you looking for and how easy did you find it
  • Have you called our contact line for any query within the past month?
  • How polite was the customer care agent?
  • How well satisfied were you in terms of resolving your query?
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